Conference Talk is a podcast about organizing conferences. Whether you’re new to running events, you’re an experienced organizer, or you’re just curious about what goes on behind the scenes, this is the show for you. In each episode, we interview a conference organizer to get their experience with topics like fund raising, program selection, or venue contracts. For feedback and episode suggestions, you can reach us at


Assembling an Organizing Team

Jon talks with Katie McLaughlin about organizing PyCon AU, assembling a team of conference organizers, and many of the core roles required to start a tech conference.

Your First Conference Budget

In this inaugural episode of Conference Talk, we talk with Scott Vitale of PyColorado about his experience running a first-year conference and the budgetary aspects of a new event. Just how much does it cost to serve coffee to a whole conference? Listen now to find out this and everything else you’ll need to account for in your first conference.